Richard Brautigan and Ferlinghetti at City Lights Bookstore

Richard Brautigan and Lawrence Ferlinghetti at City Lights Bookstore

Brautigan On The Cliff, oil/lin

Brautigan On The Cliff detail

Richard Brautigan and Lawrence Ferlinghetti at City Lights Bookstore
A compilation of several small pencil drawings of Richard and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. In actuality, the two of them never actually stood together long enough for me to draw them. Ferlinghetti, as I recall, was not appreciative of Richard’s poetry; it was not socialistic enough. So this drawing is a put-together in my imagination.    

Richard Brautigan having Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista

Richard at the Buena Vista Cafe, drinking an Irish Coffee. A San Francisco Chronicle columnist, Stanton Delaplane, introduced Irish Coffee to the United States; Delaplane had first drunk it at an airport in Ireland and loved it. Later on, when I worked at the Chronicle, I introduced Richard to Delaplane. Irish Coffee was the bonding topic.    

Brautigan reading his works aloud at The Place on Blabbermouth Night

Richard reading at The Place, at Blabbermouth Night. He did this several times as I recall, ad did Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, Bob Kaufman, and many others. This is a recreation from many scribbled pencil thumbnail drawings I did at the time. This is before Richard was published, but possibly around the time he was working on The Galilee HitchHiker.  Many a great work was hatched in this venue.    

Richard Brautigan on one of our several trips to Big Sur

Richard, like most creative people needed a lot of alone time for creativity.  My subject mostly came in dreams but the colors came while I was awake… Richard’s writing was created only during waking hours with the ability to close out the unnecessary.    

Richard Brautigan loved the Cleveland Wrecking Yard

Never had I imagined upon introducing Richard to the Cleveland Wrecking Yard that he would become so fascinated with its enormous supply of used tubs, sinks and toilets.  He returned to walk among its contents many times and then included it in his book, “Trout  Fishing In America.”    

Brautigan and Uronovitz, "Birds of a Feather" by Kenn Davis

Richard and Bernie Uranovitz. This is a bit of fantasy on my part as I sometimes put wings on my figures in my paintings, and not always of feathers but other material too.  This was just one of my little puns.    

Richard Brautigan in one of his happiest moments

Richard fishing in the North Fork of the Yuba River, in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  He was never happier.  I knew that someday that he’d leave the city behind him.    

Studies of Brautigan for future painting ideas that I had

This is similar to many that I have made of possible scribbles of painting ideas that I have sometimes painted. I painted Richard out on the edge of a cliff, a kind of comment about his poetry/art. The original painting was purchased by a collector in New Orleans who has since donated it to the Wiregrass Museum in Dothan, Alabama.  The finished painting plus a close-up is shown at the top of the blog. 






Most of the descriptions here were in Kenn’s own words with a very few additions by moi.  I am appreciative to editor John F. Barber who so kindly let me use this material after he’d purchased it from Kenn for his own book that has been published.  Please seek out a copy of it… “Richard Brautigan, Essays on The Writings And Life”, edited by John F. Barber, published by McFarland and Co.    
Until next time, or as Roy Rogers used to say “Until we meet again, happy trails to you.”  Kenn would have loved that.    


"Brautigan At The End Of His Wits" Oil/Lin Kenn Davis


About ruthbid

I am a retired writer/antique dealer/mother and the widow of the late surrealist artist and author Kenn Davis who died on January 12, 2010.
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  1. Lani Ball says:

    Lovely work, Liz. The whole site is good, and fascinating. I became a Brautigan fan after “Trout Fishing”. What a great friendship they must have had. I especially love the letterbox-shape photo at the very top of the site. You should be proud of this.

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